The Ultimate Flight Finder: Your Ticket to Smarter Travel

A team from MIT has created the ultimate air travel search engine known as Escape that can chart travel route sorted by the fastest travel time and the cheapest rates.

Planning your next vacation just got easier with the smartest flight search engine, Escape, developed by MIT that searches across all flight booking websites for the best deals and flight times. Users can enter their departure airport and destination with the desired dates for travel with results that can be sorted by ‘Cheapest First’ or ‘Fastest First’ along with filters for airports, airlines, cabin class, stops, price, duration, and time (with the option to save your filters for multiple searches).

Users can also choose the departure destination and see a map with various flight options to every destination with a flight route map that is interactive showing the flight time and duration. The flight math is color-coordinated depending on cost with green being the best deals, yellow being average deals, orange being more expensive, and red being the most expensive.

You can also check out connecting flights if you plan on touring around multiple countries. The interactive map also features estimated prices for traveling to certain continents with special filters for prices, direct-only flights, and open or closed borders due to COVID-19.

The basic features offered by Escape will get you the best price for your next flight, but they also offer a premium subscription service that gives to access to additional filters for the search. The Escape Premium service offers a free trial with different subscription packages: the six-month plan for $19 ($3.17 per month); the annual plan for $29 ($2.42 per month); and even a lifetime plan for $49.

Premium Escape users will have access to additional filters including airline companies, visa requirements, popularity rates in certain areas, preferred weather, safety rankings, things to do, places, LGBTQ+ friendly areas, and stats for COVID-19 cases. Escape has truly created an airline travel search engine with everything imaginable in mind. The next time you think about booking a trip, try checking out Escape for some good deals and more for your next vacation.

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