Money-Saving Apps You Should Download Today

Saving money isn’t easy, but if you are trying to live frugally or just want to boost your savings, these apps are must-haves.  

Saving money is no easy task. It typically requires a conscious effort that can be difficult to stir up in the middle of all our other priorities. Luckily, there are a few amazing apps on the market that can do the work for us. If you want to save money passively, or just need a push in the direction of HOW you should be saving, here are three amazing apps.


Perhaps the most passive way to save money would simply be to open up an account with the savings app Acorns. The premise of Acorns is simple: round up every purchase to the nearest dollar and invest that in a savings account. For example, if you buy a coffee worth $3.79, 21 cents will be invested. Essentially, Acorns invests your spare change to where you may not feel the immediate effects of losing 21 cents, but as these purchases begin to pile up you will have a decent chunk of money in your Acorns account. Acorns also tries to be proactive with your savings, as it will automatically invest your money into stocks and bonds. The user has the choice of how aggressively they want to invest this money as well, with a more aggressive option investing more in stocks and a more conservative option toward bonds.


While Acorns may be the best app to save passively, an app called Qapital is great for anyone who knows they could be actively saving more money but is unsure exactly how. Qapital analyzes spending patterns and then formulates a spending plan for the user on how they can reallocate their spending to save them money over time. It also specializes in joint-savings plans so that family and friends can be included in the app’s set goals. The main drawback of Qapital is that you must be a paid member to use the app, with $3, $6, and $12 plans (each with features corresponding to the price) being available.


Ibotta won’t necessarily help you with specific savings accounts like other apps on this list, but it will actually help you save a lot of money overall as long as you use it in the right way. The app essentially pays you to shop, as it rewards cash back for purchases at its many participating stores (including Walmart, most chain grocery stores, and more). You typically have to be careful with apps like this, as they can sometimes bait you into buying items you don’t need in the first place while offering cash back. However, if you use this app for your standard grocery needs, this is a guaranteed way to save money, as it will pay you for shopping you already were going to do regardless.

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