What are the Best Bill Paying Services for Budgeting?

Certain bill paying services are great in helping you out with your budgeting, and making sure you are paying on time.

Bill pay services may cost a bit of extra money each month, but if they help you stay organized and hit all of your payments in time they are certainly worth it, as the cost of missed bills will far exceed a small monthly fee. They are also ideal for people who are adhering to a strict budget, as they tend to remove a lot of the questions about how much money is owed. Here are a few of the best bill-paying services to assist you in budgeting. 

Quicken Bill Manager

Quicken Bill Manager is typically going to cost $9.95 a month, but it is included if you use Quicken Loans for Home or Business. This service can be used to both check the status of your bills and send bills digitally or by check. It is particularly useful to pay bills to parties who may only accept checks and will not accept digital payment. 


Like Quicken Bill Manager, this service is also $9.95 a month. It is highly useful in centralizing all of your bills, even ones that are paper and that you do not have online accounts set up for. This is the service you need if you feel your mailbox is getting overwhelmed and have too many bills that cannot be paid digitally. 


Prism is a free app that allows users to stay on top of their crucial financial information from one platform including their income, account balances, and upcoming bills. It doesn’t have as many features as many of the paid options, but can still be used to schedule future bills through various websites. 


This is another free option that specializes in helping desktop users, as there is no app for MyCheckFree. The platform has an impressive variety of service providers that it works with, allowing it to be a hub for multiple bills at once. The company also guarantees that bills will be paid and will cover a late fee of up to $50 if it is not. 

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